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Small Business Apple IT Consulting

Like a car, IT equipment needs routine maintenance and a little bit of love. We employ the latest diagnostic skills that are constantly up-to-date to keep your business running smoothly.  

We provide a variety of small business Apple IT support services. We’re on call for setups, tuneups, network slip-ups, and security hiccups.

Tech headaches are out. SimpleTech is in.

IT Consulting Services

How We Help Small Business

Security Services

Security for your business is more than just locking the front door or making sure your Wi-Fi is password protected. All small businesses need to protect their company, which could include client and customer data.

Let's talk and make sure your business is secure from potential threats.

Network Services

Your office network is the backbone of your business. If your network goes down, chances are you aren't getting any work done. We can help get reliable network equipment installed in your business.

If you need additional equipment beyond today's basic routers, we can help with that too.


Managing computers, iPhones and iPads in a small business can be extremely daunting. Take control of your Apple hardware by implementing a Mobile Device Management solution tailored to simplify your business.

Let us help you make sense of the chaos.

Data Migrations

Transferring data to your new Mac computer can be a little scary. Be confident that your data is getting migrated to your new computer with ease.

When you verify the data looks good, we’ll erase the old one and recycle it for you.


Nothing is more frustrating than a slow computer while you are trying to work. Like a car, sometimes your computer needs a little love and tune ups can do the trick.

While we aren't magicians, let us help you get your system purring again.


There is nothing worse than the sick feeling that you just lost all of your data. We understand how stressful these situations can be (personal wedding photos!).

Allow us to assist in establishing a backup solution tailored to your needs.

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